What is JAYA?

JAYA is, above all, a space. Your space. You can call it a gym, school, center, laboratory but the truth is that, being a bit of all this, it is truly something more. At JAYA, you can work your body and mind in various ways, in the space of different disciplines.

Here there is no shortage of opportunities for you to conquer your space, through strength, flexibility, awareness and confidence.


From the outside, you can’t tell, but when you enter JAYA, a new horizon opens up. And it’s not a metaphor: there are 800 m2 of spaces, some very elevated, and in our patio with terrace, the sky really is the limit.

Group or private classes, alternative therapies (such as Osteopathy, Pilates and Massages), organization of workshops and training sessions and events for companies and private individuals, at JAYA activity is always on the up. Including good moments of inner peace. From the reception, shop and cafeteria, to the pavilion of classrooms, our space is an extended invitation to all who seek to elevate body and spirit. JAYA in Sanskrit means victory, in the sense of self-overcoming. And, as you will see, there is plenty of room to challenge yourself and reach higher. We promise to live up to you.


With capacity for multiple uses, JAYA also allows the rental of spaces and various equipment related to the practice of Yoga and Aerial Dance. More information at our reception.

Estúdio 1

Area: 150m2

Ceiling height: 9m

Equipment: several aerial dance apparatus, wall suitable for vertical dance practice.

Estúdio 2

Area: 50m2

Ceiling height: 3,20m

Equipment: various accessories for the practice of yoga, ropes on the wall for 20 practitioners.

Estúdio 3 

Area: 80m2

Ceiling height: 3,20m

Equipment: 14 devices for the practice of Hanging Yoga, mirror wall.

Estúdio 4

Area: 65m2

Ceiling height: 5,5m

Equipment: several aerial dance devices.

Estúdio 5 

Area: 80m2

Ceiling height: 4m

Equipment: 6 poles of 4m for the practice of pole dance, mirror wall with 4m.

Estúdio 6 

Area: 36m2

Equipment: various materials and equipment for different therapies (Osteopathy, Pilates, Massage).


With 800 m2 of area, JAYA AERIAL LAB also welcomes those who wish to make use of its facilities, privately. Here it is possible to rent 6 different studios and various equipment related to the practice of Yoga and Aerial Dance. Enjoy this unique space in Lisbon, with a special energy in the air.

Studio Rental for Personal Practice

1 HOUR – JAYA STUDENTS €5/person/hour
10 HOURS –  JAYA STUDENTS (valid for 2 months)) €35/person
1 HOURS – OUTSIDE STUDENTS €10/person/hour
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